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Computer Acquisition Website

This page contains important information, please read carefully.

While some parts of this process will be familiar to you other things have changed dramatically.  If you do not thoroughly read the information and instructions contained on this page you may find this process confusing and difficult (or impossible) to complete.  Once you are familiar with the changes the entire intake process should take less than 10 minutes. 


Welcome to the ISU Computer Acquisitions Page! The purpose of this page is to provide you the information and request mechanism necessary for obtaining the right computer equipment for your needs or those of your department. Below you will find general information about ISU computer standards as well as information about the procurement and OIT Pool (the big campus computer closet) processes. You’ll also find very specific information that relates to requesting a computer for various campus groups which will give you hints on the best approach for meeting their technology needs and also help guide you through filling out the request form linked below.

It is recommended that you read through each link on this page for information relevant to your particular situation and need before proceeding to the request link. If the urgency of your need precludes a thorough review you can get started quickly by following the steps below:

  1. Read the Equipment Specifications to identify the equipment you would like to order. If you are not intending to purchase please review the Loaner and Pool information.
  2. Read the Computer Request Instructions related to the type of individual (faculty, staff etc.) for whom the request is being made.
  3. Click the Request a Computer button and complete the intake form.


The standard for a workstation at ISU has been established as an HP laptop with desktop package which includes a docking station, one monitor, keyboard, mouse and the standard ISU Windows 10 image. This standardization of equipment and software helps with procurement, pricing and support.

OIT recognizes that there are technology needs which are possibly not met by the established standards and will work with individuals or departments to obtain the proper equipment for their needs. There are a number of ways in which non-standard needs and requests are flagged by the intake survey and your area Consultant will be in touch to help work out the details.

OIT has been tasked with helping to reduce total inventory of computers on the ISU campus. To help accomplish this and other goals OIT has created a set of guidelines for computer ownership and a standard list of supported configurations. Two ideas in particular are at the center of these changes:

One person, one computer. To help reduce and control the computer inventory OIT would like to match an individual’s needs with the equipment that they are using in such a way as to eliminate the need for one person to have multiple machines. The primary example of this is encouraging the use of a laptop with a desktop package. This configuration retains the advantages of a desktop computer (large monitors, full keyboard, etc.) while adding the option to pick up and move should the need arise for meeting notes or an off-campus event.

Give one to get one. OIT will not “trickle down” machines within departments. The computer currently assigned to the person named on the new acquisition will be returned to OIT.  These computers are either used in the “Pool” or disposed of as appropriate. The purpose of this practice is to maintain a level of currency with our computer equipment (see Replacement Guidelines below).

Replacement Guidelines

OIT has made a commitment to keeping computer technology on campus as up to date as possible for everyone who needs it. These guidelines will maintain a high standard of usability for the campus community.

Multi-year faculty are eligible to receive new hardware on a regular 4 year refresh cycle to ensure our academic arm has the newest equipment available with which to instruct our students and conduct research. Incoming faculty will have equipment purchased for them when they arrive according to the currently established standard.  Faculty will be contacted via email when their computer is eligible for an upgrade.
Single-year or part-year faculty receive Pool equipment (see OIT Pool below).   These computers will be refreshed according to standards used to keep the Pool current.

Staff equipment should be refreshed on a five-year cycle. Academic staff who fall within the parameters of OIT’s purchasing group will be contacted via email when their computer is eligible for an upgrade.  Other staff purchases are directed by their department are division.  OIT recommends that other areas also maintain a five-year refresh cycle.

The needs of other ISU constituencies will be assessed on an individual basis but most would be supported through the OIT Pool system (see OIT Pool below). Pool resources may be limited; we cannot guarantee the ability to place a Pool computer for every request. The groups who may be serviced by this method include, but are not limited to, Lecturers (and other single-year appointees), student workers, graduate assistants, interns, kiosk machines, etc.  

OIT Pool

The OIT Pool is the name given to the collection of computers that have been recovered from active service in the hands of faculty and staff because they have aged out of the refresh cycle (see Replacement Guidelines above). Many of these computers are still useful and reliable equipment that are satisfactory to meet many computing needs on campus. Once collected, each computer is assessed for quality. Those that meet standards are prepped as Pool computers, those that do not meet standards are sent to Central Stores. All computers go through a thorough process to erase all information that was stored on the computer.

Pool equipment is used to fill computer needs and maintain a level of technological currency, for those campus groups (student workers, adjuncts, retirees, educational affiliates etc.) who traditionally may not have been provided new equipment but who do a significant amount of work for ISU.

Beyond the primary purpose, the Pool also allows OIT to function as the campus’ “computer closet”. With these machines on hand we are capable of providing computers for a variety of short and long-term needs which traditionally have been covered by a stack of computers maintained by each department. With sufficient notice OIT can provide computers temporarily for situations involving guest lecturers, laptops for conference attendance, pop-up micro-labs (for training or other purposes) etc.


OIT Pool computers can be provided to departments with a short-term need of additional computers.  These requests are filled according to the availability of computers in the Pool.  Requests for Loaners should be made as early as possible, and no later than one week prior to the event. 

Request Process Details

Your request will take these general steps as the process progresses. Depending on your needs, not all of these steps may be necessary. Once you have completed the Computer Acquisition Form, you will be notified via email as your request proceeds through these stages. 
The computer request process is complex as it involves many variables.  We encourage staff or faculty who are not familiar with the process to begin on this web page and read the information pertinent to the general process and the type of person (faculty, staff etc.) for whom this request will be made.

Computer Acquisition Request Form
Once you are familiar with the process, the next step is to complete the Computer Acquisition Form.  This form will ask many detailed questions that are necessary to process your specific request.  If you do not have the requested information available, we recommend that you contact the Technology Support Center to request an appointment with your Area Consultant for assistance.  An incomplete form will delay the process.

You must have:

  • Detailed information on the primary user(s) of the requested computer(s).
  • Detailed information about how and where the computer(s) will be used.
  • Funding information, including a Requisition Number if the computer(s) will be purchased through the standard Purchasing process.

Ticket Intake (Estimated time to completion: 1 business day)
Once the form is submitted, it is reviewed and a ticket is created. Non-standard requests will trigger the need for in-depth analysis of the business need for the request. When the ticket is created, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the ticket number.  (If multiple computers are requested on the same form, multiple tickets may be issued.)

Consultation (Estimated time to completion: 5 business days, depending upon availability)
If you are requesting non-standard equipment, settings, or processes, then a consultation will be scheduled.  Your Area Consultant will meet with you to review your individual case.  In most situations, they will attempt to find a way to fulfill your needs with standard equipment or processes.  However, if an exception is necessary, the Consultant will begin the processes for requesting approvals.

Purchasing (Estimated time to completion: 3 business days)
When a standard order is received, or when a purchase consultation is completed, the relevant details (requisition, vendor quotes etc.) will be passed along to the ISU Purchasing department to complete the order. You will be notified when your order has been placed.

Vendor (Estimated time to completion: Dependent on vendor and circumstances.  Usually between 1 to 3 weeks.)
This phase of the process includes the shipping activities of the vendor in question and receipt of each order by OIT. You will be notified when all parts of your order have been received and it moves to the preparation queue.

Prep (Estimated time to completion: 7 business days)
After all parts of your order have been received, OIT will prepare the equipment for deployment by applying standard software images and encryption. Non-standard equipment often cannot take our standard image and could delay this step significantly. 

Scheduling (Estimated time to completion: The amount of time in this phase is dependent on user availability and response.)
As each machine is prepared and made available for delivery, the recipients will be contacted to schedule an appointment to receive the equipment. The appointment is set for two hours, during which you will need to remain present.  Several steps in the computer deployment will require you to input your credentials.  If you leave before setup is completed, we may not be able to finish and a follow-up appointment will need to be set.
Much of the two hour window is used for data transfer.  OIT recommends that all data be stored on network drives (H:/ or L:/) rather than the local computer hard drive.  This practice provides better security and backups in addition to saving you time during the new computer setup.
You can also save time by ensuring any special requests are included on the original Computer Acquisition Form.  Whenever possible, we will try to finish all installations and customization before the deployment appointment.

Deployment (Estimated time to completion: Varies, 2 hour block scheduled)
During each deployment appointment, the technician will transfer any data that was not stored on the network, install any software that OIT did not have access to, and customize settings for your environment. We will also demonstrate any differences between the old and new equipment, as well as answer any questions you may have.  The equipment being replaced will be collected by OIT for use in the Pool or disposal as appropriate.

Computer Hardware Standards

ISU has selected RTI as our preferred computer hardware vendor, and HP as the preferred manufacturer. The laptop configuration listed below has been approved for campus and will satisfy most campus needs. If you require something outside of these specifications, please indicate so in the Computer Acquisition Form.

NOTE: Any non-standard equipment or situation may cause delays in the acquisition process.

Untitled Document

Standard Laptop HP 840 3 yr warranty

$920.00 HP EliteBook 840 G3 Notebook PC 
• Intel i5-6200U
• 8 GB 2133MHz DDR4 (1x8 GB)
• 256GB M2 SATA-3 TLC SSD 840
• (1920x1080) Touchscreen
• Integrated HD Webcam
• Intel 520 Graphics
• Bang & Olufsen Audio; Integrated dual array microphone
• 14" LED FHD SVA enabled for Webcam
• Intel 8260 ac 2x2 non vPro +Bluetooth 4.2 MOW
• 1 RJ-45
• 3-year manufacturer warranty
• 3-year accidental damage protection warranty
• Starting at 3.75 lb (touch)
• 1 USB 3.0; 1 USB 3.0 charging; 1 USB Type-C
• 1 DisplayPort; 1 VGA
• RJ45 Ethernet Port is installed in the laptop
• 1 headphone/mic combo; 1 AC power; 1 docking

Docking Station for Standard Laptop
$115.00 HP UltraSlim Docking Station
• 4 USB 3.0 ports (3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Charging port)  
• 2 DisplayPort 1.2; 1 VGA port
• 2 DisplayPort 1.2; 1 VGA port

HP EliteDisplay E222
$142.10 • FHD (1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz)
• 1 AC Power Cord 
• 1 VGA Cable 
• 1 USB cable 
• 1 DisplayPort cable

$9.00 HP USB Business Slim Keyboard

$6.50 HP USB Mouse

To Check the Current Status of Your Order

You will receive e-mail updates as your request reaches certain points in the process but if you are ever curious about a particular order, you can view the contents of the ticket through the OIT self-help site available through the ISU portal.

To check on an outstanding order:

  1. Log into the ISU Portal
  2. Click the Technology Support Center Self-Service badge (located in MyISU Apps if not visible on your front page).
  3. Click the My Tickets link.
  4. Enter the ticket number provided to you in your request confirmation e-mail.

The full details of the ticket should be visible and you can see which stage of the process it is in currently by checking the name of the queue in which it resides. Referencing the Request Process Details should give you some idea of where your request is and how many more stages it must go through.

Computer Acquisition Form Instructions

To complete this form you will need the following:

  1. Contact information for both the person filling out the form and the person(s) for whom the request is being placed.
    1. If the computer is intended for a position which has not yet been filled, you will need the position number. 
  2. Information about how the computer will be used and what type of computer is being requested. A list of the standard ISU computer configurations can be found here.

See the step-by-step instructions here.


OIT recommends a laptop with desktop package and one monitor for most users. The standard computer is configured to high enough specifications that it will meet the needs of most people.

If it is believed that the standard configuration will not meet the computing needs, that information should be indicated on the Computer Acquisition Form. Please provide as much detail for the requirements as possible, and the Area Consultant will set up a time to discuss what options are available.

Windows Desktops and all Macs are considered nonstandard computers for departments with few exceptions. Departments that are approved for Mac purchases are Art, Music, Communications and Theater (faculty only). All other departments and administrative personnel will require their Consultant to intervene and discuss the necessity for any Mac or Windows desktop. If it is determined that a Mac or Windows desktop is required the Consultant will ask the Dean or VP to approve the request through email.

If the new computer is replacing an existing workstation, then it may not be necessary to order an additional desktop package or monitor. However, it is important to clarify if the existing equipment is compatible with the new computer. Contact the Technology Support Center to schedule assistance with evaluating compatibility.


Multi-Year Faculty – ISU will provide a laptop to incoming multi-year faculty as their primary use computer. The academic department will have to provide funding for any additional computers beyond the primary computer.

Single-Year Faculty – OIT will provide a Pool computer as their primary use computer. The academic department will have to provide funding for any additional computers beyond the primary computer, or if they would prefer a non-Pool computer.

Staff – The department is responsible for funding most staff computers.

Others – OIT will provide a Pool computer upon request for many uses on campus. The Pool is a limited resource, so this service is subject to availability. If a Pool machine is not available at the time of the request, a waitlist will be used. The department will need to provide funding if they do not wish to wait for a Pool computer to become available.

Students – Students must provide their own computer. ISU has several options that can assist with this process. Please visit the Student Page to learn about the laptop scholarship, laptop rental program, HP personal purchase program, and more.