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Computer Acquisition Form Step-by-Step Instructions


Before you begin, you will need to have the following information:

    • Contact information for the person filling out the form and the person(s) who will be using the computer. Specifically: Name, Username, University ID, Title, Phone, Email, Building, Room Number, and Department Name.
      • If the request is for a position that has not been hired, the acquisition process can be started with just the Position Number. However, the request cannot be completed until we have the complete information for that person.
    • Information about how the computer will be used, including any special needs.
    • Information about how the computer will be funded.

Before you get started:

If you need an exception to any standard procedures, please provide an explanation in the open response at the end of this form. Requests involving non-standard equipment or unique situations may cause delays at various stages of the process. In most cases OIT will remove the computer being replaced by a new system. Instructions for this form are available on the OIT web site. If you need further instruction or would like help with the computer acquisition process, please contact OIT to set up an appointment with your area consultant. 812-237-2910,


(Click on the questions to see detailed information.)

Question 1: Please provide your name. (The name of the person filling out the form.)

First Name
Last Name
Username (e.g. ssam1)
University ID (e.g. 991-123-456)

All requests must have faculty or staff approval. It is generally easiest for the approving party to fill out the form. If a student employee or other party fills out the form, there will be a delay while approvals are obtained.

Question 2: Please provide your contact information.

Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Email (e.g.
Building (e.g. Parsons Hall)
Room Number

A little known fact is that some of this information is part of the basic setup for our computers. Computers at ISU are setup by a process called "imaging". The "image" cannot be applied to the computer if we do not input the necessary directory information. If this information is unknown, we can begin the acquisition process, but the computer cannot be "image".

Question 3: What is your role at the University?

Other ____________________

This should be the role of the person filling out the form. We will ask about the role of the intended user further into the form. Other: Only faculty or staff can approve an acquisition request. We generally advise for the person approving the request to complete the form. Otherwise, there will be a processing delay while approvals are gathered.

Question 4: Are you filling out this form on behalf of another person?


Answer "Yes" if:
- the computer(s) will be assigned to a different individual.
- The primary user has not yet started working at the University.

Answer "No" if:
- You will be the responsible party for this computer(s).
- You are the primary user.
- Student employees who report to you will use the computer.
- You are organizing computers for an event.

Question 4.1 (Only displayed if you answered "Yes" to Q4.) Please provide their information. If this is for a position which has not been filled, you can add their Banner position number in place of the "Name". Requests cannot be processed without ALL of the information below. If any of the required information is unknown, type "TBD" in the field. The request will be processed as far as possible while we wait to receive the necessary information.

Username (e.g. ssam1)
University ID (e.g. 991-123-456)
Phone Number
Room Number
E-mail address

Provide the detailed information for the person who will be assigned responsibility for this computer. You will have the opportunity to add more people. The same person can be assigned multiple computers. You will be asked if you need multiple computers assigned to a single person later in the form.

Question 4.2 (Only displayed if you answered “Yes” to Q4.)

Do you need to add another person? Note: To add multiple people to the same form, they must be doing the same type of work and requesting identical equipment. For example, you can request three standard laptops for three new faculty members on the same form. However, you will have to use separate forms to request computers for a faculty member and a graduate assistant.


You may use a single form to request computers for up to five people. All individuals included on a single form must have the same role and intended use for the computer. Question 4.1 and 4.2 will repeat up to four more times.

Question 5: Are you requesting multiple computers that will be assigned to a single person? For example, student worker computers, or a request for computers at an event.


Answer "yes" if more than one computer will be assigned to the responsible party. Answer "no" if you are requesting one computer per person.

Question 5.1 (Only displayed if you answer “Yes” to Q5.)

An order for multiple machines will require the involvement of your Area Consultant. To assist with quick processing, please provide as much information about the request as possible. We will need to know the location of where the machines will be placed, and contact information of the responsible party if it is not the same as the contact details already provided.

We will be able to fulfill your request most efficiently if you can provide a complete picture of the planned use. Example 1: We have three auditors coming in who will need to be provided computers and network access. They will use office SH012. The planned dates are May 1 – June 30. Example 2: We need two computers for student employees who will be using email and basic Office functions. They are located in SH011. They will begin working on Aug. 1 and will be permanent positions. Example 3: We have an event on July 1 from 10am-2pm. We need two computers to register attendees in Dede II. We have special registration software that will need to be installed.

Question 6: Please provide information about the role of the person(s) who will be USING this computer.

Staff member
Faculty (current tenured, tenured-track, or multi-year contract.)
NEW Faculty (newly hired tenured, tenured-track, or multi-year contract.)
Lecturer or one-year faculty appointment
Temporary staff
Graduate Assistant
Student employee
An affiliated person, such as a visiting scholar, auditor, assessor, or other affiliate.
Members of the general public, e.g. a kiosk station.
None of the above are applicable.

There were previous questions that asked about roles or titles, but they referred to the person *responsible* for the computer. This question is asking about who will be *using* the computer.

Question 6.1: (Only displayed if “None of the above” is selected.) What is the role of the person(s) who will be using this computer?

Provide the most complete description that you can.
Example: Alumni in attendance at an event off campus.

Question 7: Please provide information about how this computer will be used. (Select all that apply.)

(1) Standard office or instructional tasks such as Office, Banner, Blackboard, etc.
(2) Specialized software such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Adobe CS, etc.
(3) More than one person will need to have access to this computer.
(4) Will be located in a computer lab environment.
(5) Will be performing audio/video manipulation or HPC type of work. (This is rare.)
(6) Will be connected to non-standard peripherals. Standard peripherals are monitor, keyboard, mouse, or other items which connect via USB. (This is rare.)
(7) Will be used by IU Med. THCME, IUSM-TH, Landsbaum, etc.
(8) Will be used by the Foundation Office.
(9) Will require some level of security exception. Please note that checking this option will require the purchase to go through a security review. This is approved only in rare cases.
(10) This computer is requested for an event or some other temporary use.
(11) There are additional, non-standard uses or needs for this computer that are not listed here.

This information is needed to properly set up the computer. All of the options except (1) will require some specialized task. These are most efficiently completed while we still have the computer in the shop. If the computer has already been deployed when these processes are requested, there will be a delay and we may need to take the computer back to the shop for additional work.

(1) Nearly every computer will need this option. For most, this is the only required option.
(2) List software that requires higher than normal computer specifications, or software that needs to be installed by OIT. You do not need to list programs that you are able to install yourself and that run satisfactorily on a standard computer. (If this is selected, you will be asked to list the specific software.)
(3) We need to know this in order to set up encryption correctly. (If this is selected, you will be asked to provide further details.)
(4) A lab environment is a permanent placement where various non-identified people will be using the computer(s). Computers set up for a class to have access to special equipment is a lab. Computers set up in a group office for grad students is NOT a lab.
(5) Many people do a small amount of low-intensity work with images or videos. This question is asking about high-intensity usage such as animation, modeling, and calculations that would take a standard computer days to complete. (If this is selected, you will be asked to provide further details.)
(6) These are typically scientific or automation equipment. (If this is selected, you will be asked to provide further details.)
(7) IU Med computers require a special setup.
(8) Foundation Office computers require a special setup.
(9) If a security exception is requested, we will first work with you to determine if there is any other way to accomplish your goal. If a suitable alternative is not found, the circumstances will be analyzed by our security team, and discussed with the administration of your department. Approval of a security exception is extremely rare. (If this is selected, you will be asked to provide further details of your requirements.)
(10) You may have mentioned your event under the question for multiple computers. It is asked again here because sometimes a single computer is requested for events. (If this is selected, you will be asked for further details. If you already provided the details in the previous question, just type ‘see previous’ in the box.)
(11) If there are special circumstance not otherwise described, check this box. (If this is selected, you will be asked to provide further details.)

Question 8: How will this computer be funded?

(1) ISU requisition
(2) New Faculty (Chose this option for new multi-year faculty.)
(3) Faculty Refresh (Chose this option if you are responding to the Computer Upgrade invitation. Only applies to multi-year faculty.)
(4) Requesting an OIT Pool computer
(5) Grant
(6) Foundation Office
(7) Other

Funding information is required before we can begin the acquisition process.

(1) Computers being purchased by your department will require a requisition number. Instructions for obtaining a requisition number can be found here. (If this option is selected, you will see an additional question with further instructions.)
(2) This option should be used to order the primary computer for new, multi-year faculty.
(3) Multi-year faculty are notified via email when their primary computer is eligible for an upgrade. If you are responding to that notification, choose this option.
(4) Pool computers are assigned as availability allows. They are used computers that still meet our standards for general computing requirements. Examples of where Pool computers are issued are computers for one-year faculty, student employees, and short term loaners. If a Pool computer is available, there is no charge to the requesting department.
(5) Select this option if money from a grant will be used to purchase this equipment. (If this option is selected, you will see an additional question requesting the funding details.)
(6) Computers that will be paid for from Foundation accounts should check this option.
(7) Choose this option if another funding source will be used, or you are unsure of how the request will be funded. (If this option is selected, you will see an additional question requesting the funding details.)

Question 9: What type of computer are you requesting?

- Windows Laptop
- Specialized equipment

A Windows laptop computer is recommended as the primary computer for all users.
Select “Windows Laptop” if you are requesting a Windows laptop of any configuration. You will have a space to add accessories or peripherals further along.
Select “Specialized equipment” if you are requesting anything besides a windows laptop + accessories. All special equipment will require administrative approval.

Example 1: Desktop computer
Example 2: Mac laptop
Example 3: A monitor by itself (If you select this option you will be asked to provide further details of your request. Please be as specific as possible.)

Question 9.1: (Only displayed if “Windows Laptop” was selected in Q9.)

Please select your desired package. To review descriptions of each package, go to the Computer Acquisitions page and select "Computer Hardware Standards". Note: Laptops will NOT include a mouse, keyboard, and docking solution unless you select a laptop with desktop package. Note: Laptops include one (1) power adapter. If additional power adapters are requested, please list that in the notes section at the end of this form.

- Windows Laptop Only (No Desktop Package, No monitor) Click here for specifications
- Windows Laptop with Desktop Package, NO monitor. Click here for specifications
- Windows Laptop with Desktop package, ONE monitor. Click here for specifications
- Windows Laptop with Desktop package, TWO monitors. Note: FOR NEW FACULTY PURCHASES, the department will have to purchase the 2nd monitor. Click here for specifications
- None of these meet my needs or I am unsure which of these would best suit my needs. (You will be contacted to set up a consultation.)

OIT recommends a laptop with desktop package and one monitor for the primary use of most people.

FIRST: Open the “Click here for specifications” link to review the computer hardware. This configuration will meet the requirements of most users at ISU. If you require a different configuration, select “None of these…” You will see a follow-up question where you can provide details about your requirements. DESKTOP PACKAGE:
Includes a keyboard, mouse, and docking station.

In most cases should select “Windows Laptop with Desktop Package, ONE monitor.”

Most faculty will be moving from a Lenovo model to an HP model. In this case you should select “Windows Laptop with Desktop Package, NO monitor.” We will be able to configure your existing monitor(s) to work with the new system.

Check to see if your accessories are compatible with the new model of computer. If you are changing from Lenovo to HP, you will need a desktop package. Older monitors are normally compatible, so you will not need to order them unless your current one is not meeting your requirements.

All laptops will come with one power adapter. If you would like to order additional power adapters, you may add that information further along on this form. If this is an OIT purchase (New Faculty or Refresh), your department will have to provide funding for any additional power adapters.

If this is an OIT purchase (New Faculty or Refresh), your department will have to provide funding for additional monitors.

Question 10: If you have any notes or information to add, such as additional accessories or a requested timeline, please use this space. Indicating any special circumstances will assist us in processing your request quickly.

Use this question to tell us if you would like to order any additional accessories, have any special circumstances not already recorded, or have any questions about this form.
The more details you can provide, the better we will be able to assist you.

Clicking the next button will submit your request. You will receive a ticket number within one business day of submission. If you have any additional questions, please contact OIT at 812-237-2910,, or SH 009.