A Collaboration Between the Office of Purchasing and Central Receiving and the Office of Communications and Marketing

For more than 125 years, Indiana State University has enjoyed a rich heritage as an institution of higher education and as an institution with loyal and active alumni, students, and fans. This same tradition has brought with it the responsibility to see that its proud heritage is appropriately represented.

The demand by University students, alumni and friends for products depicting a University trademark, logo or symbol has reached new heights. The number of manufacturers who wish to provide these products has also grown. ISU has created a licensing program to ensure that the public properly identify and associate University logos on products bearing the institution's marks.

The ISU licensing program is designed to protect the use of the University's name and insignias. To accomplish this, the University has established formal licensing procedures that also will enable the institution to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of both its names and symbols.

The licensing program also is designed to establish a cooperative relationship with licensees to assist in the further development of a market for "officially" licensed products of Indiana State University. In this way the consumer may be attracted to products that support the University. The licensing program promotes a relationship by which both the University and its licensees will benefit.

The following commonly asked questions and answers provide a brief explanation of the licensing program:

What qualifies as a trademark, logo, and/or symbol?

Any mark, word, letters and/or symbols associated with Indiana State University that can be distinguished from that of other universities, teams, or organizations. The University’s official marks may be seen here.

Why have a licensing program?

We feel it is important for the protection and enhancement of the University's image to establish a formal process for approval of the many products that are marketed with Indiana State University symbols.

Who will need a license?

Our program involves the manufacturer, not the retailer. Any manufacturer who wishes to use our marks legally must obtain a license. We do however ask for the cooperation of the retailer in only selling University related merchandise produced by licensed manufacturers.

What types of products may be licensed?

Any product will be considered, but no product will be licensed until it has been approved by the University.

What happens if a trademark is used without a license?

Every effort will be made to solidify a license with anyone manufacturing products with our marks. We believe that it is in the University's best interest legally to protect our marks and the image of the institution through this program.

What happens to income received?

The net income from the licensing program will be used for scholarships and student services.

Who is responsible for the licensing program?

All licensing arrangements and contracts are obtained by contacting our licensing agent at the address below:

Licensing Resource Group
Learfield Licensing Partners
2570 Holiday Road, Suite 250
Coralville, Iowa 52241

319-351-1776, ext. 306

Anyone with special questions, concerns or a need for more information should contact the University’s licensing director:

Mr. Ted Wilson, Director
University Publications
Office of Communications and Marketing
102 Gillum Hall
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809
(812) 237-3730

Additional information regarding University copyright practices may be found here: