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Interested in study abroad? Most programs qualify for financial aid eligibility while students are studying abroad. Contact your financial aid office early to determine your financial aid eligibility. All students studying abroad will need to complete a Study Abroad Academic Planning Form. This form must include:

  1. Study Abroad term
  2. Number of courses you plan to take and total number of semester hours you will be enrolled in
  3. Course numbers and titles of all enrolled classes
  4. Signatures of: student, academic advisor, and ISU Study Abroad representative

In addition to the above form, students need to make sure they have a current FAFSA on file. Students who will be using loan funds to cover their expenses will need to follow these instructions for web accepting Federal Stafford Loans, and/or consider borrowing a Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial aid does not disburse to student accounts until 10 days prior to the study abroad class start date. During the summer, it can be up to 3 days before the term. Students will need to be prepared to make certain program payments in advance of receiving their financial aid. Contact the Study Abroad Office at (812) 237-3427 for more information.

There are two types of study abroad programs:

Partner - Indiana State University has a direct relationship with partner universities, and these programs are typically less costly to the student, and the university is billed directly for costs.

Affiliate - These are run by a third party and offer many locations, but at a higher cost.  Students pay these programs directly, often using their financial aid refund.

Faculty-led field trips are not eligible for Financial Aid. For more information about Study Abroad, contact the Study Abroad Office located in Rhoads Hall, Room 106. Visit the Study Abroad office online here.

Students interested in study abroad must meet with a study abroad advisor to apply. Once approved by ISU, students can then complete the partner or affiliate application. Final transcripts reflecting courses completed must be submitted to ISU before the student will be considered for financial aid for subsequent terms. If a transcript is not available, a grade report will suffice. Visit  http://www.indstate.edu/transfer/international.htm for details on how international credits are transferred.

To apply for financial assistance, students must contact the Study Abroad Office at (812) 237 -3427.


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