Prescription Drug Card Coverage with CVS


Effective January 1, 2018, our Prescription Drug Plan will be administered by CVS Caremark

New cards for CVS Caremark have already been mailed to your home address.  These cards should be used for prescriptions starting January 1, 2018.  Every covered employee should have received two cards.  If you need additional cards for family members, you can either order cards when registering your card at or download the CVS app on your mobile device.

Please note that you will still be allowed to use your preferred pharmacy, unless you have utilized Express Scripts Mail Order (Accredo).  That will change to Caremark's mail order service.

For members who utilize mail order, you need to contact CVS/Caremark mail order pharmacy after January 1 to set up an account.  They will want to confirm your billing address and determine your billing preferences.  That can be handled by contacting Customer Care at 1-866-246-7204 or by creating a web account at

There are no planned changes in coverage with Caremark, but there may be some differences in formulary (approved prescription drug listing) with CVS Caremark.  If coverage for one of your current prescriptions is affected by this change, you will receive more information directly from CVS Caremark.  Those letters were mailed to home addresses.