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Volunteer Hero nominations open for December

December 4, 2017

The Division of University Engagement recognizes a deserving student, faculty or staff member or group who has been caught volunteering, serving others and has gone above and beyond on or off campus. This award is given on a monthly basis.

Nominate your colleagues, classmates and faculty who are donating their time, talents or contributing big or small to our campus and community. Maybe this hero coaches a youth sport, or is the first to volunteer coordinating a fundraiser at their place of worship or helps prospective families as they visit campus and asks for directions. The list of examples can go on and on.

The division needs your help in getting the word out to students, staff and faculty. Nominations will be announced each month - including the summer months.

Qualifications to be considered:

• Enrolled student, faculty or staff member or Indiana State University affiliated group

• Nominee is "caught" volunteering, serving others on or off campus within the last 3 months of the nomination

Recipients will receive:

• Photo posing in the Volunteer Hero cape

• Printed certificate

• Invitation to attend the annual University Engagement Reception and Banquet (April 2018)

• Be entered to be the Volunteer Hero of the Year

• Acknowledgement in ISU Today and STATEments, Center for Community Engagement Facebook page

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