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Graduates return to campus for Alumni Reunion Day celebration

August 13, 2014

Fifty-one years later, there were noticeable differences on campus.

But it still felt like home when 1963 Indiana State University alumni and Terre Haute natives Frank Jozsa, Don Smith, Steve Newton and John Roshel came back to campus for the first Alumni Reunion Day to take place in three years.

The long-time friends, who all attended high school in Terre Haute before enrolling at Indiana State, were among the nearly 70 alumni and friends from the classes of ‘62, '63 and '64 who attended the event.

"It's great to be back with my best friends and get to take a look around campus," Smith said following the induction by the ISU Alumni Association into the Grand Society of Sycamores. "I didn't recognize campus when I got here because so much has changed since we graduated. It's not like it was when we were here and that's awesome. I'm proud when I look around and see everything that's going on at Indiana State, and I can see the university has a bright future."

It was a sentiment echoed by Newton, a former Indiana State basketball player.

"I value the education that Indiana State afforded me out of high school, and I see it as a privilege to have been able to attend school here," he said.

As a '70 and '81 Indiana State alumnus and emeritus vice president for the ISU Foundation, John Newton assured the alums that, while much has changed on campus, the excellence they expect of their alma mater remains.

 "When we were students here it was a smaller campus...and there was a sense of knowing one another and being known by your professors. I guarantee you that it is still true today," he said. "As Sycamores, it is our duty to spread Sycamore pride wherever we go and I'm sure you all have done that since graduating from Indiana State College in the ‘60s."

Along with receiving a pin and certificate and sharing memories with friends they haven't seen in years, the inductees and their families learned from Indiana State President Dan Bradley about the list of happenings that have taken place on campus in the 50-plus years since their graduations - including construction projects, enrollment growth and new programs to benefit students' learning and experiences.

"We're excited to have you on campus, particularly those of you who haven't been here in a while," Bradley said. "The campus is doing well. Our students are doing well. Your university has a great group of faculty and staff that are doing everything they can to help hold up the historical excellence that has been here for (almost) 150 years."

The university's excellence is also reflected in its alumni and Rex Kendall, executive director of the ISU Alumni Association, urged alumni to give back in whatever means they can.

"Our goal is for you to stay involved and stay engaged with Indiana State University the best way you can," Kendall said. "By doing so, the same goals and dreams you had 50 or more years ago can become a reality for current and future generations of Sycamores."

Writer: Betsy Simon, media relations assistant director, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-7972 or - Indiana State alumni from 1962, '63 and '64 make a pledge after their induction into the Grand Society of Sycamores at the first Alumni Reunion Day in three years on Saturday, Aug. 9. - Indiana State President Dan Bradley poses for a photo with an Indiana State alum following the Grand Society of Sycamores induction at the first Alumni Reunion Day in three years on Saturday, Aug. 9.