Get Involved

We encourage you to be involved in your student’s new community. Whether it’s attending Family Day or Homecoming, a music recital, play or University Speakers Series presentation, it’s important to spend time with your student on campus. Here are a few ways to become involved on campus and share the college experience with your student:

1)   Attend campus events! We encourage parents to attend Family Day, but you might want to come back for Homecoming, Sycamore Hoopla, and Spring Week. There’s always something going on around campus and most programs are free. To see what’s happening on campus, go to the University Calendar .

2)  Visit campus. Check out your student’s new digs in the residence hall, take a walk around campus, or workout in the Rec Center as their guest. Offer to take your student (and even some of their friends) out to dinner. But remember to call first, and just don’t drop in. A listing of Terre Haute hotels is available here.

3)  Send messages from home! Hearing from home matters, whether it’s a card, a phone call, email, or a Facebook post. Most college students welcome care packages (gift cards and cookies to share with friends are a good place to start). You can order goodies online through Dining Services as well as add money to their Commons Cash account. Encourage siblings to write, call, email, or Facebook as well.


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