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Mini-Medical School 2004

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The mission of the 2004 Mini Medical School is to provide an interactive forum to discuss medical training, medical procedures, medical news, and medical concerns of the public as a free service.


Speakers will appear as a panel of health care providers. The panels for each session will be composed of a primary care physician and other specialists related to diagnosis and treatment of the symptom under consideration. Physicians will work together to present a comprehensive picture of how the symptoms lead to a diagnosis and how the initial diagnosis is distinguished from other diseases that may share similar symptoms. Following a 40 to 50 minute panel presentation and a refreshment break, a moderator will present written and oral questions from the audience related to the evening's topic. The forum is not intended to provide diagnosis of specific disease concerns of the public, but to suggest the paths needed for consumers to resolve their medical questions.


There is no charge for the Mini Medical School. Reservations are recommended, as seating is limited.

To reserve a space, call Community and Professional Programs at Indiana State University, 812-237-4011, or 1-800-234-1639


The first session of the 2004 Mini Medical School will be held at the Hyte Community Center, 1101 South 13th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana.

The following eight sessions will be presented at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education, 1433 North 6-1/2 Street, Terre Haute, Indiana from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


February 10, 2004 ­ Hyte Center

Health and Spirituality*

Do we have the power of our own healing? How is your health affected by your spirituality? How can spirituality enhance your physical and emotional health and well being? The panelists will include a Therapist, a Family Practitioner and a Minister.

*The ISU School of Nursing students and the IU Medical students will offer free blood pressure checks from 5:30 ­ 6:30 pm at the Hyte Center to people attending this session. In addition, attendees will be given a coupon for a free Accu-check blood sugar screening test for those attending the second session regarding Chronic Diseases (with an emphasis on diabetes) at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education. These screenings will be from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Additional free blood pressure checks will be given to those who had a high reading at the first session.

February 17, 2004 ­ LandsbaumCenter

Chronic Diseases ­ Diabetes**

Are you at risk? Who's getting it? Why is it striking so many? Diabetes is now an epidemic illness with many features, requiring collaboration to appropriately identify and treat. This session will focus on what you can do to fight it. Panelists will include a Primary Care Physician, a patient Diabetic Educator, and a Nutritionist.

**The ISU School of Nursing students and the IU Medical students will offer free Accu-check blood sugar screening test before this session. These screenings will be from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. In addition, free blood pressure checks will be given to those who had a high reading at the first session.

February 24, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center

End of Life Care

End-of-life care is designed to treat the whole person and is based on a consultation with the patient and his or her family. The vital components of this consultation are assessing and managing physical symptoms and psychological and spiritual needs; helping patients identify personal goals for end-of-life care; assessing the patient's support system; assessing and communicating the estimated prognosis; and assessing release planning issues. The panelists for this session include two Physicians and a Psychologist.

March 9, 2004- Landsbaum Center

Obesity, Weight Gain & Eating Disorders

Are you or someone you love overweight and can't seem to lose the extra pounds? Are you worried about the health issues of being overweight? Do "Fad" diets work? When does dieting become an eating disorder? This session will explore the physical and emotional aspects of weight problems and eating disorders. This panel will include a Physician, a Dietitian, and a Psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders.

March 16, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center

Recovering from Addictions

Why are addictions so hard to break? Whether it's an addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex, they can be overcome with help. This session focuses on dealing with addictions and recovering from them. The panelists include a Physician who specializes in addiction medicine, a Certified Addictions, and a Perinatal Substance Abuse Counselor.

March 23, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center


Do you or does someone you know suffer from bladder control problems? Overactive bladder is a common medical condition that is treatable. It has been reported that approximately 13 million people in the United States suffer from urinary incontinence. This session focuses on causes and treatments for incontinence and weak bladder problems. Gotta Go? Better Come!

April 6, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center

Back Pain/Back and Sports Injuries

This session provides information to help understand, prevent, and seek appropriate treatment for back pain. This panel will include a Physical Therapist, a Neurosurgeon and a Rehabilitation Specialist.

April 13, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center

Current Research and Clinical Trials in Oncology

Join local Physicians who will discuss the ongoing research and clinical trails being done in the treatment of cancer.

April 20, 2004 ­ Landsbaum Center

Emerging Infectious Diseases

We will provide a description of the existing infectious disease detection infrastructure and will discuss the difficulty of recognizing outbreaks and new diseases that can emerge at any time and from a wide variety of sources. Panelists include a family practitioner, an infectious disease specialist, and the director of nursing from the Vigo County Health Department.


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