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~Spring 2000 Articles~

AAUW Offers Students Leadership Opportunities

Book of the Month Club ¡Adelante! Style

Educational Foundation

April 29: Indiana State Convention

Invitation to Attend

Direction to Days Inn (if you're spending the night)

Directions to Patio Restaurant (convention site)

Focus on Women Award

Registration form


Slate of Officers

Update: Leader on Loan – Susan Cairone


June 9 - 11: Great Lakes Regional Convention Agenda {Updated!!! April 11, 2000}

Conference Theme (and a word or two about vouchers)

EF Women’s Dissertation Fellowship Winner to speak at Regional Conference

Launching A New Century, a message from Barbara Bonsignore, Great Lakes Regional Director

Leadership Plenary features Patrice Buzzanell

Registration Form

Legal Advocacy Fund Indiana Contributions for 1999

Supreme Court hears AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Case

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