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The Diversity Coordinator, Sharon Shafer (Elkhart) can be reached at (574) 264-7281 or

Sharon Schafer
AAUW has a Diversity & Inclusion Tool Kit - 70 pages

AAUW's Global Connections
Want to find out more about how AAUW is supporting women globally? Visit the International Corner and learn more about our new status with the U.N., the Women in the World reading list, and our exciting partnerships.
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Archive of Reading Lists (1998 forward)

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CEDAW: Treaty for the Rights of Women: . AAUW believes that global interdependence requires national and international policies that promote peach, justice, human rights, sustainable development, and mutual security for all people, and we affirm our commitment to CEDAW. 

"Increasing Relevance, Relationships and Results: Principles & Practices for Effective Multicultural Communication." [Library Edition, from Am Lib Assoc. link; 40 pages]  

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