Fort Wayne AAUW branch
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~FORT WAYNE Indiana branch~
The Fort Wayne AAUW Trust was established in 1979 when the Branch received a bequest from the estate of R. Hazel Miller. An additional bequest in 1989 from the estate of Letha Falls was added to the capital account. In 1998, a generous donation was given to the Trust in memory of Anne K. Waterfield.

The AAUW Trust purposes include:

  1. Encouraging education among members of the AAUW and the community.
  2. Funding appropriate studies and projects in keeping with the objectives of AAUW.
  3. Promoting standards of excellence in public school education and in higher education.
  4. Cooperating with other persons, organizations, trusts, or foundations whose purposes and activities are similar to those of the Trust.

The following grants were given in the spring of 2013:

TOTAL  -  $9961.00