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Indianapolis Branch logo Members: 68
{Feb, 2018 National Report}
Founded: 1921
See historical note below

Branch dues: $12

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Historical Note: Indianapolis also acted as the 1st AAUW entity in the State, before the Branch structure became
established, so there is also an earlier date associated
with the group.

1889 (November 16): Indiana Branch of the “Main Alumnae Association” was formed in Indianapolis, with Mrs. May Wright Sewall acknowledged as the founder, along with 20 charter members – in 1909 she was given an honorary membership in the Indiana Branch – note: the 1931 book says the Indiana Branch (at Indianapolis) was ‘accepted in 1890”

1913: The “Indiana Branch” became the Indianapolis Branch, and the Bloomington Branch was formed (January 13). From this branch came one National vice-president (Dr. Agnes E. Wells, 1925-1929), and the first woman trustee of IU (Mrs. S. F. Teter, 1924-1945). In 1949: 160 members.

So, not sure why in some documents we have the founding date of 1921. More research!

Sources: History of the Indiana Division of the American Association of University Women 1923-1949; and History of the American Association of University Women, 1881-1931 – Marian Talbot and Lois Kimball Matthews Rosenberry (1931)

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Penny Kyker
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Membership: Susan Belton
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Public Policy: Mitzi Witchger
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Program Theme: Year of Women -- Connections

The Indianapolis Branch is host for the AAUW Convention  this spring -- note -- the State Board changed the date from Apr. 22-23 to April 29-30, due to an enormous firefighters convention the original weekend which would result in limited options, and high hotel prices.

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"Each One Bring One!" is this year's motto -from Lora Vann, Membership VP - the Feb. 5th meeting will be an excellent opportunity for friends to experience AAUW values, community awareness and collegiality.

Note: We value our communications! The Newsletter is sent to a total of 107 members and friends: 26 in paper and 36 by email to Branch members, 15 by email to State Board, reaching 77 AAUW members; 30 by email to former speakers and visitors; total 107 copies sent.

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2015 State Convention Indianapolis members

Left to right: Penny Kyker, TBA, Coy Halpern, Barb Wellnitz, Anne Langlotz, Sharon Langlotz
November  2013

Join us at the Nov. 9th meeting at the Nora Library at 10:15 am for the program on STEM Education:

  • Dr. Judith Mills of Sycamore School and Cindy Felsten of Indiana University/Purdue University-Columbus

  • Sycamore School is in its 17th year of offering an annual STEM program. Cindy is Chair of the Tech Savvy AAUW STEM project which has been awarded an AAUW $8,000 grant for the program in June, 2014, at IUPU-C.

  • Watch for the new Indianapolis Branch web site, coordinated by AAUW Site Resources and new branch member, Catherine Cleary.

  • Visitors are always welcome at branch programs and interest groups.

  • CORRECTION: The address for a donation to the "Beyond Borders Fund" at the University of Indianapolis in support of Dr. Latham and the Humanitarian Recovery got cut off -- here it is:
    Dr. Krista Latham, University of Indianapolis, 1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227.
    There will also be the opportunity to donate at the Nov. 9th meeting.

2013 State Summer Summit - August 3 at University of Indianapolis
Indy Branch is hosting this event! - let's make it a big success! Contact Penny Kyker if you can help out with directing people to the correct room, putting up signs, help with the registration table, arranging display table, or decorating tables.
March, 2013 Indpls AAUW president Penny Kyker, program chair Dr. Lora Vann, with IN Superintendent Of Education Glenda Ritz at today's joint meeting with Indianapolis League of Women Voters and Church Women United.

Indianapolis AAUW president Penny Kyker, program chair Dr. Lora Vann, with IN Superintendent of Education Glenda Ritz at March 14 joint meeting with Indianapolis League of Women Voters and Church Women United.
  Note after November meeting from Penny Kyker, Newsletter Editor:

Our November meeting at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Handicapped saw 17 members attending, who were inspired by Toni Hughes, Outreach Instructor, who described the many academic, sports and independent living programs that carry out the mission of encouraging independence as well as academic learning in the students. We enjoyed wonderful refreshments in the Student Center, thank you, Mr. Estridge!  The fee paid to him for refreshments was turned over to the school as a donation - thank you for that! Handouts for the Bosma Center and the Indiana Deaf School will be available again at the December meeting. Hope many will join us at the Dec. meeting, Iron Skillet, Sat., Dec. 17. Be sure to get your reservation in to Barb Wellnitz, Communication Chair, by Fri., Dec. 9. After that, for cancellations, call Lora Vann directly, 926-1314.

This will be a fun and friendly meeting to bring friends, and they can bring something for the Julian Center!

Friends and visitors who are receiving this email and the newsletters, we look forward to you attending again, or for the first time! Let me know if you do or do not wish to be continued on the Indy Branch email list.

(If anyone asks, the print copies of the newsletter got away with a typo on my part - page 4, the Board meeting snow date  is Thursday, Feb., 23, not Saturday, as printed.)

Teresa Eck, Georgia Greavey, Peg McIntosh

Teresa Eck, former Indianapolis AAUW Branch president, guests Georgia Greavey, and Peg McIntosh. They attended the February, 2012 meeting where Betty Cockrum, president of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, and Ken Falk, director of Indiana ACLU were the presenters. Georgia is wearing her Girl Scout sash filled with her badges in honor of the centennial celebration of the Girl Scouts. (...& in reaction to the negative campaigning against the Girl Scouts by some Hoosier legislators.)
Ken Falk, Betty Cockrum
Indiana ACLU director Ken Falk and Planned Parenthood of Indiana president Betty Cockrum speaking from their perspectives on 'Advocating for Justice'  (Indianapolis Branch theme)

Branch members at 2010 State Convention Indianapolisbranchmembers

Branch members
2009 State Convention
Indianapolis members, 2009 state convention


Host branch for Indiana AAUW's State Convention, April 24, 2010

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