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 April Lidinsky, South Bend branch President and Professor of Women's Studies at IU-South Bend, is Director of Membership 2010-2014

Please contact her online at or (home) 574-237-0623.

See April's Installation at the 2010 State Convention [short video]

See more on the E-Student Affiliate Membership option for AAUW College/University Partner Institutions [short video]

E-Student Affiliate 'infomercial' starring ISU C/U Rep Marsha Miller and student Analyssa Noe [Nov. 2008] [3:15]
  • AAUW National Individual Membership dues for fiscal year 2010-2011 are $49; $46 is tax deductible, and $3 is not tax deductible (because it supports the AAUW Action Fund's Section 501(c)(4) Lobby Corps and get-out-the-vote activities). Branch members should pay their $49 national dues plus their branch and state dues through their branch as usual. Individual members (members-at-large) should pay their full national dues ($49) to AAUW as usual. [as of April 1, 2009]. DUES RECEIVED AFTER MARCH 15, 2010 ARE APPLIED TO THE 2010-2011 MEMBERSHIP YEAR.

  • AAUW National Student Affiliate fee for fiscal year 2010 is $17; $16 is tax deductible, and $1 is not tax deductible (because it supports the AAUW Action Fund's Section 501(c)(4) Lobby Corps and get-out-the-vote activities).

  • AAUW National Life Membership dues (one-time payment) of $980 are fully tax deductible. Tax deductibility details for special AAUW membership promotions are specified in the promotion information.


PURPLEPUSHPINJoin brochure and Taking AAUW Home: this can be a two-sided color handout or can be used separately. One side is the National membership brochure without the application info. The other is a checklist developed from the Taking AAUW Home brochure; a great way to see what you need to find out about AAUW and the many ways you can get involved (Word 2007)

PURPLEPUSHPIN BRANCH MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (Word 2007): Take the AAUW-Wabash Valley version and adapt for your branch. Option: send your own branch version to and we'll post here and on your branch page.

February 2014 Branch Member Count from National

Notes: AAUW of the Wabash Valley is the re-named Terre Haute branch, which is in the process of  re-growth; several branches are now inactive but remain on list because of Honorary Life Members tied to the Branch




TERRE HAUTE BRANCH [in limbo] is now AAUW of the WABASH VALLEY. Members from Indiana & Illinois welcome to join. Contact Marsha Miller [ISU C/U rep and Indiana webmaster] if interested in this venture! State Board approved name change at July 18, 2009 board meeting. May re-form - at least at first - as a virtual branch. National Board approved name change at January, 2010 meeting.  

BLOOMINGTON AREA BRANCH [in the making]: Patricia Crouch  has been working since 2008 on forming a Bloomington area branch. Please be in touch with her. See the Bloomington area branch formation page.



February 2009 Branch Member Count
State President Barb Kanning: Look at South Lake County............WOW!........what a way to celebrate their 50th Anniversary Year!!!  Congratulations to all of you who helped to "grow" AAUW!

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