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STATE CONVENTION: Transitions Abound: A Hope-filled Future!  APRIL 25, 2009: More than 65 people, representing 14 of our 18 branches, registered to attend our Indiana State Convention {Warsaw} -- YOUTUBES OF THE CONVENTION: See the beginning of the convention on our Youtube site -- See our Branch Recognitions and two Nominees for Emerging Leaders - Jennifer Wilken led a spirited  discussion on the Proposed Bylaws & the new AAUW structure, assisted by Great Lakes Regional Director, Ruth Brown, and AAUW Indiana President, Barb Kanning. See a PowerPoint version {Word 2007} of Jennifer's presentation; as a Flash movie (use the pause button as needed; click 'rewind' button to replay) , or as a PDF.
VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP PILOT PROGRAM for 2009: please read the REVISED MPP Briefing #9 [posted December 4, 2008] - This revision reflects hundreds of comments, suggestions, and recommendations received from AAUW members and leaders.   Participation in this pilot program is available to any branch that chooses to utilize this online membership management tool.   While numerous branches have already expressed a desire to participate, each branch will have the opportunity to choose whether or not it will participate or continue dues collection in the traditional manner. Step-by-step details will be made available online and power point demonstrations will be provided at state conventions.  In the meantime, questions may be directed to or, contact Jill R. Birdwhistell, AAUW Chief of Strategic Advancement ( 202-785-7729 - Look for information & training at state meetings and at the National Convention in St. Louis.

 New Program in a Box Focuses on Convention

A new Program in a Box recently released will help you encourage and prepare members and branches to attend the 2009 AAUW National Convention..Lead the Way to Convention provides you with directions for getting started, program logistics, convention talking points, fundraising ideas, and membership opportunities.

Application for Leadership and Committee Positions Available:

The online application for National Board leadership and committee positions is now available online . The nominations process for 2009 positions will create a pool of qualified candidates for a variety of available positions on Identified Standing Committees and Working Groups. Specific Officer and Chair positions are unknown at this time. When the new AAUW Bylaws are passed at the Convention in 2009, positions will be created, named and filled from the candidate pool. Applications and resumes may be submitted online [member login required].

Six National Note Card Contest Winners: Copies of the six winning designs will be mailed this April for all members to enjoy. 
An AAUW Thanksgiving message that is a great way of summing up the many facets of AAUW {originally published as AAUW Action Network mailing, 11/24/08}
February, 2008: See AAUW's Mission video on YouTube {6:47}
Two segments on MSNBC's Meet the Press [Oct. 18, 2009] : Maria Shriver's The Shriver Report: A Women's Nation Changes Everything report and Valerie Jarrett, Chair, White House Council on Women and Girls [17 minutes] - report released from Center for American Progress. The Shriver Report is available at Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Incorporated, will publish the report on October 20 as an eBook exclusive. Also when politics will reflect the altered workforce [1:55] Extra: segment at end of the show, an MTP Minute: women, ERA, with Gloria Steinem September 1972 [3:13]. The 1st segment continues on MSNBC's Take Two web-only segment [7:30]
NEW SCHOLARSHIP FOR INDIANA WOMEN!! POWER, the Indiana General Assembly's Political Organization for Women's Education and Representation, has created a scholarship fund specifically for women 25 and older who are looking to enhance their lives via higher education.  The POWER Scholarship is for non-traditional female students interested in gaining the skills necessary to earn a degree and advance their careers. Two POWER Scholarships will be awarded in each of Indiana's nine congressional districts, one in the amount of $1,000 and another in the amount of $750.  A three-person board in each congressional district will select the scholarship recipients.  Winners will be announced by December 15.   To apply for a 2009 POWER Scholarship, students should complete the online application form at . Applications for the 2009 POWER Scholarships are due by November 15, 2009.   If there are additional questions about the POWER Scholarships, please contact: Ashley Johnson, Legislative Assistant, Indiana House of Representatives, 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN  46204 or email (317) 232-9676
Congratulations, Indiana AAUW member, Patricia Crouch [Bloomington Area] for her appointment to the  AAUW Leader Corps! Branch Members & Officers: Use the new online form to indicate areas where you would like these grassroots liaisons to assist you (programming or administration). Members-at-Large: if you are interested in forming a branch, LC can help you. [posted Oct. 15, 2009] 

AAUW 2009 ACTION FUND BYLAWS [member login required] - PDF 13 pages

SPECIAL NOTE FOR BRANCHES & STATES: Appendix A consists of Article XI. States and Article XII. Branches from the 2007–09 AAUW Bylaws. This provision ensures the group tax exemption for states and branches by including them in the AAUW Action Fund Bylaws until the IRS determination is received, which will move the states and branches under the restructured AAUW. At that time, this provision and appendix will be removed from the AAUW Action Fund Bylaws.

AAUW 2009 BYLAWS  [member login required] - PDF 18 pages
New C/U Initiative October, 2008:
Undergraduate students of each College/University member of AAUW can now belong to AAUW! for FREE! and upon graduation, 1-year free membership via "Give a Grad a Gift" Program. Also, check out the Campus Action Project initiative — AAUW awards grants of up to $5,000 to campus teams made up of students and faculty or administrators to implement projects on campus addressing a range of issues to promote equity.

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