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Marsha Miller, President, 2016-2018, can be reached at and 812.878.1679.

Marsha is from the AAUW of the Wabash Valley branch, based in Terre Haute.





Marsha’s Themes for 2016-2018

Leadership: defining (both for myself and others) and refining leadership skills, within the organization and personally. Waiting to see what unfolds as resources are created related to the 2016 report, Barriers and Bias; The Status of Women in Leadership. Creating opportunities for leadership growth within branches and upward into service at the state and national level. Connecting in person with college and university partners; working in coalition with C/U reps and branches to make this a significant connection in our state; inspired by Purdue Student Group and Valparaiso Athena Student Group.

Resiliency: I love serendipity. In the April 2016 issue of College and Research Library News, this word caught my eye. One of the candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect, Cheryl Middleton, in her ‘elect me’ message to ACRL members said two things:

1)     Throughout my career, this organization has influenced me, informed my thoughts and perspectives, and has helped shape the services and resources I developed over the years for my academic library community. I could substitute AAUW for ‘my academic library community’.

2)     And we can substitute AAUW for ACRL in this statement: AAUW does an outstanding job keeping us informed of the myriad issues facing  AAUW members academic librarians and libraries. Working within our membership, we devise solutions to challenges, and we share many successful models for addressing these transformative changes. How do I believe that AAUW and the members of our profession could respond more nimbly and effectively to this shifting landscape? Resiliency.


Resiliency is the ability of an organization to face unexpected adversity or change and continue providing core services. I believe that AAUW can be even more successful in adapting to disruptive change if we identify, adapt, embrace, and apply the principles of resilient organizations to academic libraries.

I’m going to keep these things in mind as we go forward together. One more thing, in my professional (Reference/Instruction Librarian) email’s sig file, I’ve been using this phrase: Balancing the learning with levity. For AAUW, I’m changing it to Balancing the leadership with levity. Let’s see how we can celebrate and enjoy our membership and our leadership opportunities, and just have some good old-fashioned fun while doing it!

AAUW Credentials

Member since 1981 (AAUW’s Centennial year). Joined in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

  • Branch member: Jonesboro, AR (1981-1985); Terre Haute/AAUW of the Wabash Valley (1985-present)
  • ISU C/U Representative 1993 – present
  • 1999-present: Indiana State website webmaster  - created website July 1999
  • Indiana board member
          • 1993 to 2000: State Board: College –University Relations Chair
          • 1993-1996: State Director of Membership and Branch Consultant Coordinator
          • 1987; 1988-89: State Nominating Committee, member

       Run technology at state conventions and workshops; video recording and photos

                           2008/2009:  State Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youube


       Involved in Terre Haute branch from 1985 until it became defunct in late 1990s; then in 2009 as only member of record of Terre Haute branch, re-activated it & re-named it AAUW of the Wabash Valley;, had name changed to try to grow branch and also encourage e-student affiliate memberships

  • 1998: Terre Haute Educational Foundation Chair; co-chair, Annual Book Sale [note: co-chaired book sale and did publicity for multiple years]
  • 1995-1998:  Terre Haute branch President; ex-officio member of Local Scholarship Committee.
  • 1988-??: Terre Haute Branch [monthly] Bulletin Editor
  • 1986-1988: Terre Haute Branch Membership Vice-president


Indiana State University Campus Activities

  2013: presentation at ISU’s new Feminist Majority encouraged several women to seek funding for NCCWSL; 6 were funded by various ISU groups and one received the state’s award to attend; 2nd presentation in 2015

  2014: Fall series on-campus on different aspects of AAUW

  2015: presented on Pay Equity at ISU College of Business Ethics Conference

  2016: organized ISU launch day webcast of Barriers and Bias Research Report

  Various years: AAUW resource tables at Women’s History Month Colloquia; Work-Life Conference (also presented)

  Planning Committee, Women’s Equality Day March (campus and Terre Haute Community; led singing of suffrage songs during march (2012-present)

Have attended National Conventions in Columbus (OH) (1985), San Francisco (1983), Anaheim (CA) (1997), Washington DC (2011), St. Louis (2009), Minneapolis (1993), Portland (1991); San Diego (2015); will attend Washington DC (2017)

Jonesboro (AR):  Jonesboro Branch Secretary (1983); Arkansas Peace & National Security Chair




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