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~PURDUE-CALUMET Student Organization~
~CALUMET branch~


March 2015: This group is currently not active; current Purdue-Calumet students interested in re-activating the organization should contact the current President or C/U Chair.
Founded by Santina Johnson 2011

Shalonda Mardis and Santina Johnson

{Feb, 2010 National Report}

Purdue-Calumet Student Affiliate Members

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Branch dues: $

Two members

Presentation at 2011 Indiana State Convention
Part 1: Jan Trusty
Presentation at 2011 Indiana State Convention
Part 2: Santina Johnson
Presentation at 2011 Indiana State Convention
Part 3: Robin Richard
  Accompanying PowerPoint

Purdue-Calumet Student Affiliate Branch

You can right click an open in a new window and follow along with Santina Johnson's PowerPoint while she speaks


  Barb Kanning and Santina Johnson

Santina Johnson  (219) 937-2633

pictured above with State President, Barb Kanning 

  Other Officers:  Tiara Stout (Vice President), Jerrilyn Smith (Treasurer) and Shawnta Sanders (Secretary)

Members at Northwest Indiana's Mobile Pantry

Members volunteering at Food Bank of Northwest Indiana

Members at Hammond High School's 2nd Annual Community Dinner

The Student Affiliate group participated in three on campus events to create awareness of the AAUW in September. In November the Student Affiliate group participated in a community outreach and volunteer event, Hammond High School's 2nd Annual Community Dinner.  

In the month of December the group is participating in a toy drive and a volunteer event for Toys for Tots. We will be volunteering on the 18th (training), 21 (toy distribution set up) and on the 22nd (toy distribution).  

On January 15, 2011, the Student Affiliate group will be volunteering  with the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana's Mobile Pantry. We will be distributing food to those in need. Also in January, the group will host another on campus event to spread awareness about the AAUW and encourage membership.   In February, 2011, the group will begin preparation for Pay Equity Day.   In April, 2011, the group will host the AAUW State Conference in Valparaiso, Indiana.
 Branch Update, December 10, 2010
New Members Since August 2010:  we have 5 new members, Shalonda Mardis (August), Brianna Sheppard (September), Samantha Jureki (September), Jelena Kolundzik (September), Stephanie Realto (November).  

Davina Fraiser and Melissa Cubik are both Calumet Branch Members, however, only Davina is a Student Affiliate. Davina is no longer a student at Purdue University Calumet; she transferred to Governor's State in Illinois.
Also, Melissa Cubik graduated from Purdue in May. For these reasons, they are no longer included in our Purdue member count.
NCCWSL  We have three members who are interested in attending the National Conference to be held in the state of Maryland. These students are Shawnte Sanders, Tiara Stout and Jerrilyn Smith.

Indiana State Officers

Indiana Branches