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Indiana Bulletin Articles
What to submit: 
State Officers
What to submit: 
Branch Officers 

[branch as well as community information]

Who can submit? Any Indiana state or branch officer may submit information related to their position/branch, for publication on their designated page.

When to submit? Anytime; however, if there is a time factor, as soon as possible!

How to submit? Ideally, via email or email attachment (Word documents) to the address above: if in no hurry [I don't check that account daily] or  if you need it uploaded quickly. Sending info via CD is also fine. Mail to: Marsha Miller, Instruction Librarian, Indiana State University, Terre Haute IN 47809. If you absolutely have to send print, you can, but, please allow extra time for it to get online. You can send a Word document or a PDF file.

Graphics: Please send .jpeg or .gif files. I can scan in photographs but, again, this increases the timeframe.

Video: video is usually too big to send via email. You either need to see me in person, mail me a flash drive, or just create your own YouTube, etc. site and upload it and then send me the link to put on your page.

Bulletin articles: Most articles from the printed tri-annual Indiana Bulletin will be sent from the Bulletin editor directly to the webmaster, so you wouldn't need to re-submit them. However, if there are updates to articles, submit them directly to me.

State officers:

Anything related to your position's area of interests, including annual reports, links to info on other state websites, national AAUW website, or other related sites. Suggestions for additional links from the main page will certainly be considered.

Branch officers:

AAUW: Information that is printed in your membership directory, newsletters. Your branch annual report (summary of activities). Newspaper articles about projects your branch has been involved in. Member's addresses will not be listed on the website; phone and/or email will be listed. Each branch has a page, just waiting for information. Take a look at Terre Haute and South Lake County's pages.

Women (and AAUW issues) in Your Community: On the Terre Haute page, you will see a link to: Women of Terre Haute (historical, biographical info, etc.). This is a potpourri of information, most of it from newspaper articles, that concern the women of Terre Haute. I think this would be a great place to 'fill in the blanks' about women and anything related to AAUW's issues that doesn't necessarily belong on your main page. You could provide links to other organizations' websites, almost anything.

In addition to the above, any member of an Indiana AAUW branch
or an Indiana member-at-large is welcome to make suggestions or corrections.

This is YOUR website! Add to it; make it grow; keep it active!