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roundpurple AAUW has a Planning Calendar with important feminist holidays, historical anniversaries, and AAUW events happening year-round - this is a Google Calendar - you can integrate the calendar into your Google account. Anyone with a Google account who subscribes to the calendar can view the dates and appointments. Depending on the calendar, subscribers may also add their own events. AAUW has digital calendars tailored for different groups such as members and students. Click on "Agenda" to get a line by line view of upcoming events and deadlines.

pinkpinHere is a good Planning Calendar with Holidays & Annual Calendars

roundpurplenote: National's Member Showcase has ceased

roundpurpleLook for updates to this timetable in State Bulletins & on the Indiana AAUW Facebook page; look at deadlines in Outlook, Leader in Action & National's Facebook page!

Look for announcements about webinars and plan to attend online - it's easy! A great way to help officers and members alike.

Indiana Members: be sure State Officers have your email addresses!

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  State National
August 1 [annual]   AAUW:

National: Fellowship & Grant applications for the 2018-2019 academic year available

National: Campus Action Project applications are due

August 26 [annual] Women's Equality Day
a great day to gather your branch back together after fall and/or do a community presentation related to women's issues related to voting, etc.
August [annual; late]   Starting at the end of August, college students can apply to serve on AAUW's prestigious Student Advisory Council (SAC). SAC members provide essential firsthand accounts of college student needs and ideas for combating sex discrimination to AAUW staff through monthly conference calls, and they serve as leaders at the annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

Indiana has had one student, Dana Smith (Purdue) serve on the Council.
August [annual; late]   National: Be on the lookout for Campus Action Project (CAP) grant  applications [due Oct. 16]
September Deadline: Winter Bulletin copy  
September AAUW IN Fall member event/Board meeting - very tentative
September 13   Grandparents Day
September 15   AAUW: look for National's call for committees, task forces, and panels - Task Force and Board Applications  
September September 27: 2017 Torchbearer Award recipients announced a special Ceremony held at the Indiana Historical Society, 450 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Banned Books Week [Am Lib Assoc]
September 30   Campaign College applications due for Spring 2018 training
September 30 [annual]   AAUW deadline for STUDENT member applications to join Student Advisory Council applications
September 15 - October 15 [annual] Latino Heritage Month
October 30 [annual]   AAUW: LAF Case Report Travel Grant applications [if you would like an LAF-supported plaintiff to speak at your state or regional convention next spring.
October 16 [annual]   AAUW: Campus Action Project applications

AAUW invites campus-based teams of students, faculty, and/or administrators from U.S. colleges and universities to submit a proposal for a Campus Action Project (CAP) grant. Applications will be available at the end of August.
October 31 [annual]   Submit your application to serve on a Fellowship Selection Panel or Grants Selection Panel [Terms are two years and begin January 1 of each year; approximately half of the panelists are appointed each year]
November [annual] National American Indian Heritage Month
November  [annual] Elections
November [annual] Nominations due for Torchbearer Awards [ceremony held in March]  
November 1 [every other year]   DEADLINE: Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award Nominations Forms to National

Established in 1989, the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to equality and education for women and girls. The award is given for a broad range of activities including classroom teaching, education and research, and legal and legislative work in equality for women and girls. While the award focuses on education, the recipient need not be an educator.
November - mid State President's Packet sent to all Branches: Bylaws info; new national forms/applications needed, etc.

November 12 National Philanthropy Day
November 15 [annual]   AAUW: submit American Fellowships applications
December   American Council on Education, Office of Women in Higher Education: National Leadership Forum  Washington DC for senior-level women administrators (typically deans and above) seeking a college or university presidency, vice presidency, or major deanship.

Find Regional Leadership Forums for mid-level women administrators (typically department chairs, directors, and assistant/associate deans) with high potential for advancement in higher education administration.
December 1 [annual] **Copy your State AAUW Funds directors AAUW: AAUW Funds branch contributions TO National**
December 1 [annual]   AAUW: submit International Fellowships applications
December 10   in ILLINOIS: Celebrate Jane Addams Day {created in 2006; 1st Illinois State Holiday in Honor of a Woman; IL-AAUW members plays a vital role in getting this passed}
December 15   AAUW: submit Career Development Grants applications

  State National
January   NCCWSL Workshop Proposal information available - deadline for workshop submissions TBA.

College C/U Reps should consider attending NCCWSL as a presenter or just as participant. Organize and help fund a group of e-student affiliates to attend. Also, how about participating in the Graduate School and Career Fair?

January Indiana Board Meeting via Conference Call  
January 10   AAUW: submit Selected Professions Fellowships applications
January   US House re-convenes
January 15 [annual]   AAUW: submit Community Action Grants applications

January 15 [annual]   AAUW: National TO Branches: Recognition Program & Emerging Leaders Application Forms
January 29   2009: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act see more
February Indiana Bulletin: Winter DEADLINE for article submissions  
February 3
  National Girls & Women In Sports Day
February 9 Indiana Girls & Women in Sport Day  
February African-American History Month
February [annual]   AAUW: Branch Member Official Counts FROM National
February 15   DEADLINE: Breaking Barriers Applications Due
mid-February State Board NCCWSL Scholarship Applications Deadline: National Conference for College Women Student Leaders - send to State C/U Rep  
February thru April   NCCWSL Early Bird Registration Opens for annual Conference
>>AAUW's Program in a Box re NCCWSL
February   DEADLINE: NCCWSL Workshop Proposals
>>AAUW's Program in a Box re NCCWSL
March Women's History Month
Torchbearer Awards - See also Indiana Commission on Women -
Past Recipients
March 8 [annual]   International Women's Day - United Nations - 2017 AAUW page
March State Board Meeting - TBA
April 2 DUE from BRANCHES to STATE: Branch Newsletter Contest Entries Due - [we may be banking this]  
April 2 DUE from STATE OFFICERS to STATE PRESIDENT: State Officer Annual Reports - electronically if possible [for State Convention book]  
April 2
DUE FROM Branches TO State: Emerging Leaders, Branch Leader, & Branch "Ingenious Ideas" Email submissions [announced at State Convention]  
April 27 Indiana State Board Meeting - Valparaiso [evening before State Convention]  
April 28 Indiana State Convention -Valparaiso  
April  thru May   NCCWSL regular registration:
April 9, 2013
April 8, 2014
April 14, 2015
April 12, 2016
April 11, 2017
April 18, 2018
Pay Equity Day
[date fluctuates]
April [annual] National Library Week [ALA]  
May [annual] Asian Pacific American Heritage Month / Older Americans Month
May 1   AAUW Committee/Task Force Applications - Applications for a two-year term, beginning July 1 - Members, wishing to be re-appointed for another two-year term, must re-apply. Applicants may apply for no more than two committees/task forces.
May 1  
Late May/Early June NCCWSL - National Conference for College Women Student Leaders
30th National Conference of College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) Univ of Maryland, College Park -
Students: click here
AAUW members

June Gay & Lesbian Pride Month
June-July Branch Presidents and other officers: Help your new officers transition. Help your branch prepare for the coming year with Board Member Transition Tools
- see also How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Branch
June1 [annual] AAUW: Branch & State Officer Lists TO National & State - use Member Services Database to upload new Officer lists  
June 10 [annual] Equal Pay Act turns 55 [June 10, 1963]
June 23 [annual] Title IX turns 46 [June 23, 1972]

AAUW Issues: Title IX
AAUW's Position on Title IX
Deliver new Title IX resources to your local schools
July 1 AAUW: Branch Dues Reports Due FROM Branches & State TO State & National  
July [annual] Indiana Black Expo, Indianapolis - founded 1970 (2018=49th); incorporates INShape Black & Minority Health Fair, College Readiness Workshops, Education Conference, and much more  
July [Annual] Deadline: Indiana Commission for Women Torchbearer Award Nominations  
July 19 & 20   Seneca Falls Convention, 170th anniversary [see also Declaration of Sentiments]
Women's Rights National Historical Park
July 31, 2017   Black Women's Pay Equity Day

  State National
June    Normally 2019 would have been the next biennial national convention. There will be no convention until 2020. Stay tuned for developments.

  State National
August 26   100th anniversary of 19th Amendment


See Planning Calendar for more calendar dates and deadlines.
National includes many deadlines in emails like the bi-monthly Mission and Action [mailed to all members who provided AAUW with an email address.
If a National AAUW deadline and you can't find it, email
If a State AAUW deadline, email your State Board counterpart officer or your State President.