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AAUW of the Wabash Valley logo Members: 6
{2018 National Member Count}
Terre Haute branch founded: 1924; in limbo ca. 2003

Re-named AAUW of the Wabash Valley, July 19, 2009
Branch dues: $ to be determined; no branch dues until there are at least 20 members


Branch Contact Person:

Marsha Miller, former/continuing Terre Haute branch member
Currently, Indiana State University C/U Rep, Indiana AAUW Webmaster
Phone: 812.878.1679
  Membership PURPLEPUSHPINNew members are welcome from both sides of the Wabash River, and from both Indiana and Illinois! Any Indiana county north of Evansville branch, west of Indianapolis branch, etc. Nearby Illinois counties: Clark, Clay, Coles, Crawford, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Edwards, Effingham, Franklin, Hamilton, Jasper, Lawrence, Moultrie, Richland, Shelby, Vermillion, Wabash, Wayne and White (based on ISU's Southeastern Illinois Waiver Program)

PURPLEPUSHPIN BRANCH MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION : use this version only with this branch as branch dues and mailing addresses differ. NEW branch members CANNOT join AAUW online.
You must have a printed application, with signature, and check mailed to branch designated officer.

PURPLEPUSHPININFORMATION FOR NEW BRANCH MEMBERS, Spring 2010. Since this branch is re-forming itself in several ways, please open and print a copy of this document, especially if you are applying to be a new AAUW member. It will be updated periodically:

Current Members-at-Large in the area should refresh their knowledge of the way AAUW is organized post the Phoenix [2007] and St. Louis [2009] National Conventions and see if they would like to join this new branch. Dues would be $49 National PLUS $7 State plus Branch dues, current $0.

Indiana State University is a Partner member; therefore, ISU undergraduate students are eligible for e-student affiliate status.


PURPLEPUSHPIN ISU Undergrads can join for free as e-student affiliate members.

PURPLEPUSHPINNational flyer for Potential Student members [legal size PDF]


AAUW Funds [formerly Education Foundation & Legal Advocacy Fund: The Branch will not conduct fund-raising activities at this time.
2015 State Convention

Branch members celebrate 90 years of the branch and increased membership

Marsha Miller and Patricia Crouch
Marsha Miller, Patricia Crouch
Mailings to AAUW-WV email distribution list May 3, 2010
Branch members Marsha Miller (Terre Haute) and Patricia Crouch (Gosport/Bloomington) at 2013 State Convention [note: Marsha is looking a little worse for wear after a day of video recording & picture-taking]
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